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The Academic Center for Research & Consultancy


Masters in health and sciences

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report “To Err is Human” the injuries from medical errors are immense and the majority of the errors do not result from individual recklessness but from the flaws in the way the healthcare is delivered. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the integrated.
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Training QEM fot ToT

This training of trainers (ToT) workshop and training programs are designed for Quality, Evaluation and Monitoring (QEM) of different medical and public health issues to support junior and senior managers and specialists in medical and health care sector.








Community health

Re-training of healthcare providers involved in the closure of small hospitals  and in the  development of community care facilities is strategic to optimize the radical transformation of the healthcare systems. READ MORE..







Healthcare Quality Management

This course is designed to assist students in developing  expertise and in- depth knowledge in the field of Critical Care. problem-solving approach in providing care to critically ill patients will be emphasis. READ MORE..




Workshop Announcement


Alexandria-Egypt 22 august 2014


Are you having  difficulty to  evaluate  yourself?
Are you ready for a  self assessment?


Academic agreement between ACRC & Foggia university - Italy

To launch a new master in health sciences

Aim of the agreement

The aim of this agreement is to deliver the University of Foggia (UNIFG) Masters and Training programs and courses in Health,Medical and other relevant fields.

Content of the agtreement

  1. The Masters and training programs will be in January 2015.
  2. ACRC and UNIFG  are  jointly responsible for the ad mission requirements/selection  criteria of their candidates. They will select, interview and recruit local faculty members and students/prospective candidates.
  3. ACRC  and  UNIFG  are  responsible   for  the  marketing  and  promotional   activities  of  the  programs.
  4. Duration of the Master Program  and/or Diploma  Certificate is between  2 and 4 academic semesters. Each semester is equivalent to 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  5. Programs will be delivered at Foggia University or at other facilities in other Countries.
  6. The final Master Degree and/or Diploma Certificate is accredited and awarded by the University of Foggia.
  7. The students will apply and enrolled at Foggia University via ACRA support and consultation
  8. Candidates should at least hold a Bachelor's degree in any related field or a degree recognized as equivalent.

ACRC in summary
Academic Center for Research and Consultancy (ACRC) is an educational research,
training and
Consulting service located in Sweden. But, We provide our services worldwide for organizations
and individuals in the following areas:
  • Joint Master programs in Health Sciences, Businesses, and Ecosystems
  • Quality, measurement, implementation and evaluation
  • Total quality management solutions, training and consultation in education, manufacturing and
health sectors educational technology integrationo    Academic and educational researcho
Personal and organizational conflict investigation and resolutions
  • Grant application writing
  • EU application guide, consultation and writing
  • professional and organizational development
  • Import and export consultation Middle east, north Africa and eastern Europe
  • Marketing research and business development
  • Consultation for strategic alliance
  • Consultation for starting up new enterprises
  • Translation and private lessons services in English, Arabic, Swedish and Russians
  • Recruiting services
ARCS works closely with clients to customize a m n evaluation or development plan that meets their particular needs.
Our evaluations and reports are not only comprehensive but practical, enabling clients
to put into practice recommendations
that are evidence based.








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