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 ACRC - 1996

The Academic Center for Research & Consultancy

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Academic Center for Research and Consultancy (ACRC) is an educational research, training andConsulting service located in Sweden since 1996. But, We provide our services worldwide for organizations and individuals in the following areas:

  • Joint Master programs in Health Sciences, Businesses, and Ecosystems
  • Quality, measurement, implementation and evaluation
  • Total quality management solutions, training and consultation in education, manufacturing and health sectors educational technology integration
  • Academic and educational research
  • Personal and organizational conflict investigation and resolutions
  • Grant application writing
  • EU application guide, consultation and writing
  • professional and organizational development
  • Import and export consultation Middle east, north Africa and eastern Europe
  • Marketing research and business development
  • Consultation for strategic alliance
  • Consultation for starting up new enterprises
  • Translation and private lessons services in English, Arabic, Swedish and Russians
  • Recruiting services
  • Psychology consoultation and Therapy
  • Family problem & conflicat consoultation 

ARCS works closely with clients to customize a m n evaluation or development plan that meets their

particular needs. Our evaluations and reports are not only comprehensive but practical, enabling clients

to put into practice recommendations that are evidence based.

ACRC develops and implements innovative protocol for the scientific research of different disciplines and areas, teaches, and consults businesses and individuals on a broad range of topics. ACRC Consulting offers special packages to assist dispensary businesses in applying for and complying with new research, education, health, manufacturing, service program.

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The relationship philosophy is concerned with the creation and development of mutually beneficial relationships between different people to satisfy their needs and desires. People may share through love, marriage, business,music, art, dance, and all the other expressions of their creativity (Mosad  Zineldin)






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