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 SCHEDA MASTER   A.A. 2014/2015

Master di                II  livello   in:

 Community Care Management


Career opportunities:

Re-train i ng of health care providers involved in the closure of small hospitals and in the development of community care facilities is strategic to optimize the radical transformation of the health care systems.

The community care provider will be able to govern the care process and to support chronic patients in their diagnostic and therapeutic pathways activated in territorial care facilities.



The community care provider will acquire high skills in the field of community medicine. He will develop the ability to:

  • identify the health needs of chronic patients and support them in the care pathways;
  • train patients  to self-management  for substantially  contributing to their empowerment  and for maximizing the compliance to treatments;
  • support the planning of care activities;
  • promote  the  integration  between  health  care  workers  (General  Practitioners,  specialists, social workers, etc.) and with patients and/or their care-givers;
  • implement programs of health education and prevention of chronicity and disability.



·         Methods for analysing population health needs

·         Web-based tools to manage clinical data

·         Epidemiology, prevention and clinical features of chronic diseases and disabilities

·         Community services' organizational framework for the disease management

·         Building the working groups

·         Health project management

·         Surveillance of chronic diseases, Active Aging and Social Marketing.

·         Clinical governance e risk management

·         Counseling and coaching of chronic patient

·         Quality and customer satisfaction

·         Risk management in borne care and nursing home Writing an action plan



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