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Masters in “Applied Health Sciences”

A multidisciplinary, total relationship management approach (TRM)



ACRC, Sweden in cooperation with Foggia University, Italy offer a multidisciplinary Masters degree, diploma certificates and short/long term training programs in applied health sciences.

Program Description

S    Systematic methods of patient safety and quality assurance in health care are still evolving in both developed and developing countries. Patient safety and good quality of care are considered to be the right of all patients and the responsibility of all staff within the hospital The purpose of the programs is to reform and modernize a flexible inter-disciplinary educational and training and professional life long program and diploma (LTP) in applied health sciences. It is a Lifelong Learning Program to enable people at all stages of their lives to take part in stimulating learning experiences and helping to develop strong institutional and individual capacity building

     The Master of Applied Health (MAH)  program provides students with the essential skills, knowledge, and attributes required to undertake challenging senior and meddle managerial roles in health services nationally and/or internationally. A key and critical focus of the program is promoting both current and future leaders who are skilled in strategic planning, quality and safety improvement and monitoring, and policy making within a wide variety of contexts. Some target public and private sectors are:

  • hospital and community healthcare services,
  •                                   aged care services,                                  
  • Ministries and Departments of Health,
  • Government and Non-Government and voluntary organisations,
  • primary care and general practice 


Program Structure

        The Master of Applied Health (MAH) program can be undertaken either full-time or part-time. Courses are offered internally on campus with face-to-face teaching, and some of the courses can be offered  externally by distance mode using a combination of intensive workshops and online teaching. For most distance courses, students must attend compulsory residential workshops at Foggia University in Italy twice a year, before each semester of study. The program comprises the following components, for a total of 48 units of credit: 

YYear 1 (60 ECTS)

  • Occupational health and safety (Hyg)
  •  Infections contro (Health quality)
  •  Health education and promotion(Educ)
  •  Health services policy, planning, and environment management
  •   Health care informatics Health quality
  •   Quality management in health care institution (Health quality)
  •    Legal issues on professional health sector(Research)
  •     Health economic & financial control in the health services

Year 2 (60 ECTS)

  • ·         Operation management for health services organizations
  • ·         Health psychology
  • ·         Health care & welfare policy in intercultural perspective
  • ·         Research methodology
  • ·         The elderly in modern society
  • ·         Comparative health service systems
  • ·         Master Thesis

Elective Courses

  • ·         Comparative medicine
  • ·         Nutrition and nutritional requirement
  • ·         Personal hygiene and practices
  • ·         Caring science with focus on nursing
  • ·         Acute & critical care
  • ·         Medical lab technology
  •       Physical therapy 


  Program Objectives

The objective of the MAH program is to develop work-ready senior and middle managers who have both medical/health and managerial and leadership skills to enable the achievement of more effective health service issues, teams and systems. The MAH program ensures that students have a strong grounding in the principles underpinning health systems and services, Health services policy, planning, and environment management, Health care informatics, Quality management in health care institutions,  financial management and health economics, evidence informed decision and policy-making, clinical governance and risk management, Acute & critical care and Medical lab technology


Admission Requirements

 A recognised Bachelor degree in medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy, science and or any other relevant discipline. Working experience in health services is a merit. English B level is also a requirement. 



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